Dive Sites & Conditions


Dive Sites & Ocean Conditions

Tayrona national park is a fantastic dive destination, either for those just starting their underwater adventures and as well for more advanced divers. Beginner sites in Tayrona national park are well protected from the trade winds and are generally calm and shallow, with an average depth of about 12 meters. While the more advanced sites tend to be deeper (18-40m) and have slightly stronger currents, making them perfect for drift diving.

There are 22 dive sites in the marine park, including reefs with soft & hard corals, sunken ships, caves, and a variety of marine life. Most of the dive sites are sloping bottoms or steeper drop offs, but there are also some walls with overhangs and swim throughs. At almost all dive sites you can see the reef at a few meters depth, that drops from the coastline into the deep. On many dive site we return to the dive boat or we drift along the reef and get picked up from the boat then. On a few locations we have pinnacles that are connected in the deep with mainland, so you can either dive around or with the right conditions it is possible to cross the channel. You won’t be seeing too many large animals here, but there is an abundance of nice coral, sponges, anemones, as well lots of pufferfish, angelfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, moray eels, lobsters, octopuses, and much more! Have a look at our gallery to see what marine life you can encounter in Tayrona’s underwater world!

The water temperature is between 23 to 28 *C, the visibility can be up to 30 meters and some days we get moderate to strong currents at specific dive sites. From December to February is windy season, so there are generally more waves, the water reaches its coldest point, and most days have excellent visibility. March to September rises water temperature to about 26-28 degrees celsius and there are generally calm surface conditions. October and November are rain months, so the water stays warm but can get a bit murky on some days.

Most of the dive sites are located in the Tayrona national park and can be reached by boat within 10-30 minutes. On boat, we carry comprehensive first aid kits and emergency oxygen, water and snacks. The boat is equipped with powerful engines and has space for up to 20 people. The boat ride is on most of the days easy and calm, but sometimes there are stronger winds and bigger waves. For safety reasons it is mandatory to wear a life jacket all times when the boat is moving.

DIVING IN TAGANGA with Ocean Lovers

You want to explore the underwater world of Tayrona? You want to find out what’s below the waves and get beguiled by the beauty of the Caribbean sea? Book your adventure today – we offer individual service for beginner and more advanced divers. Safety and fun are both crucial to us and we only work with small groups to ensure you get a wonderful and exciting experience.

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