Dive Trips for Certified Divers

On a daily base, we offer fun diving trips to the nearby waters of Tayrona National Park. Certified divers can join the 2-dives morning and/or afternoon boat trips, and on request a night dive by boat or from shore. If you haven’t been diving in a while we recommend doing a Scuba Refresh program.

We will guide you to the best diving in the area and we will be delighted to show you the beautiful wonders of the surrounding waters. A number of sheltered bays provide the perfect depths for novice divers, while the more adventurously inclined can visit deeper or more challenging sites. Find out more about our Dive Sites & Conditions here.

The equipment rental is included in all dive packages. We also provide free snacks and drinks in the breaks between the dives.


Fun Dives

As certified diver you can join on our daily morning and/or afternoon 2-dives boat trips, where we’ll visit two locations inside Tayrona national park. Between the two dives we have a surface interval of about 60mins. The majority of the dive sites is about 20-40min by boat from Taganga. The dive sites will be chosen on the day from the present staff on board regarding the weather conditions and requirements of divers on board.


Scuba Refresh

In case you have not been diving for a while and don’t feel very confident going back into the water we suggest you to join a Scuba Refresh program. It consists out of a quiz to tune up important dive theory, setting up and checking your gear and practicing skills in confined water (shallow, protected bay in Tayrona national park). This program also includes 2 fun dives and you will be under the direct supervision of one of our dive professionals.


Night Dive

You are a certified diver and want to experience the calmness of night diving? Sign up for an adventure you cannot compare with any other form of scuba diving. It is completely different. Dive slowly at night and you will find it exciting and relaxing at the same time. Many of the reef animals sleep during the day and only come out at night. Corals open their polyps to feed and have a different appearance. Night dives are available upon request with minimum of two people. The dive starts right after sunset and you return around 8pm.


Clean-up Dive

You love diving and care for the nature? Perfect! Then the clean-up dive is the perfect way for you to connect your two passions. We do clean-up dives once in a month. The program includes a briefing in the dive center about the dive and how to find the trash. Then we do one dive in the bay of Taganga for around 1 hour. The clean-up is always in the afternoon on the first saturday of a month and the whole program takes about 3 hours. It is not only good for the environment, it is also good to improve your buoyancy skills under water.

*All certified divers need to show a proof of certification and if necessary a medical statement signed by a physician that you are fit for diving.

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