Diving and your health – why diving is good for your body and mind

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Probably many of you had recently a lot more time to think about life, meditate and share moments with your closest people. A time where you fully enjoyed the small and insignificant things that life offers us. The COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to being a stop in our routines, was also a wake-up call to live fully, to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Therefore, we like to share some ideas how you can invest your time and use it to improve your physical condition while enjoying the wonderful world of diving.

I will start by telling you that diving is one of the most pleasant activities that can exist.

The act of breathing underwater is a unique sensation.

The experiences while diving are not comparable to anything you have experienced on the surface. Scuba Diving is an activity that requires good physical condition and that will bring a series of benefits to our state of health, both physically and psychologically. Do you dare to practice this sport?

Keep in mind that this sport has many benefits for your life. We encourage you to start this adventure like no other and become a recreational diver. You can start with a beginner course and get trained up to professional levels and continue learning more with many specialties.

In this journey of expanding your knowledge and improving your skills, your list of friends will increase, since it is a sport practiced by many people around the world. Remember that our planet is 70% water so we can practice in almost all countries. So if you are one of those people who are passionate about discovering new things, making new friends or if you are simply an ocean lover, then diving is made for you.

Diving not only increases your desire to obtain more knowledge, it also encourages you to start new trips to explore the unknown. Different modalities and environmental conditions force you to challenge yourself and it will make you want to know more exciting things about the underwater world.

With this COVID-19 pandemic, we have all felt somewhat overwhelmed, tense and stressed by the uncertainty of when all this will end, and yes for sure, there are thousands of people in the world in the same situation. We adapt by making changes in many factors, such as our diet, our way of living with other people and even the way we greet our family and friends.

However, what this whole situation has taught us the most is that all human beings are in solidarity, united by the same feeling of getting ahead. Diving will allow you to get in touch with people from all over the world, practice other languages, and learn about other cultures.

When you start to immerse yourself in the world of diving, you will begin to be part of a enthusiastic group of friends all over the world. You are connected in the same way, a single feeling: love for the ocean. As we all know, the world is made up for the most part by oceans, so it is like playing all on the same playground.

Benefits for your health

Did you know that when you dive, you are exercising?
That’s right, recreational diving helps keep you in shape, both physically and mentally. That peace of mind that we feel when we dive to explore the depths of the ocean is inexplicable.

When we dive, we work all the muscles of the body, but the best thing of all is that you will not notice the effort. You will only notice the tranquility of being in zero gravity while you are surprised with all the wonders that the underwater world offers you.

We also understand that so much time in confinement is overwhelming for the body, so learning a new adventure would be a perfect medicine for body and mind.

Keep in mind that in Colombia there are many places that you could visit to enjoy this adventure. You can choose between the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast, where both have preserved nationalparks and the great diversity of marine life will teleport you to a new world.

On the Caribbean coast we find Taganga, the main gate of the Tayrona National Natural Park. Tayrona Park offers great scuba diving opportunities, and therefore most recreational diving activities of the area are carried out in there. Start diving now – it will give you an adrenaline kick and relaxation at the same time, and of course it will connect you with likeminded people and with nature. Are you ready to take the plunge? Join us on this adventure.

The oceans take a break

During the time the world was confined, the oceans could take a break. Due to reduced activities in fishing, maritime transportation and local tourism the visibility of the waters have improved and marine life could restore itself.

Just a few weeks ago, dolphins have been seen in the bay of Santa Marta, which nobody can’t remember when it was last time. The water in the area of Rodadero was again crystal clear, and the paradisiacal beaches of Tayrona Park have been visited by animals never seen before.

You dare to explore the wonders that the ocean has to offer you after confinement? I do.

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