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DIVING IN TAGANGA with Ocean Lovers


Taganga is a small fisherman village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, about five kilometers north of Santa Marta. There is a nice beach and plenty of restaurants, cafés and shops along the main street. Taganga grew a lot over the laster years and is now known as a fun place to chill out and like Honduras’ Utila Island or Thailand’s Ko Tao a fantastic place to learn scuba diving for a staggeringly good price. Taganga is based right by the natural wonder of Tayrona national park, which is full of tropical forests, cliffs and panoramic ocean views. It only takes a few minutes by boat to get to Tayrona national park that offers a great variety and level of dive sites.

Tayrona national park is a fantastic dive destination. There are 22 dive sites in the marine park, including reefs with soft & hard corals, sunken ships, caves, and a variety of marine life. You won’t be seeing too many large animals here, but there is an abundance of nice coral, sponges, anemones, as well lots of pufferfish, angelfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, moray eels, lobsters, octopuses, and much more! Have a look at our gallery to see what marine life you can encounter around Tayrona!


The water temperature is between 23 to 28 *C, and the visibility can be up to 30 meters. Tayrona is a great destination for those just starting their underwater adventures. Beginner sites in Tayrona national park are well protected from the trade winds and are generally calm and shallow, with an average depth of about 12 meters. While the more advanced sites tend to be deeper (18-40m) and have slightly stronger currents, making them perfect for drift diving.

You want to explore the underwater world of Tayrona? You want to find out what’s below the waves and get beguiled by the beauty of the Caribbean sea? Book your adventure today – we offer individual service for beginner and more advanced divers. Safety and fun are both crucial to us and we only work with small groups to ensure you get a wonderful and exciting experience.

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