Our conservation approach


Why are we Oceanlovers?

Oceanlovers is more than just a name to us. We embody it in everything we do. Our commitment to sustainability and nature awareness drives us to protect our precious ocean and its inhabitants. As divers, we witness firsthand the impact of human activity on the underwater world, from coral bleaching caused by climate change to the presence of trash even in the most remote locations.

This dedication to conservation and environmental care is reflected in all our diving courses, from beginners to professionals. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find our ethos of sustainability permeating every aspect of our dive center, whether it’s the large events we organize or the small everyday choices we make.

Our short and medium-term objectives are clear. We aim to establish ourselves as a national leader in environmental conservation, using our visibility to raise awareness and educate others through diving and related activities. Additionally, we strive to promote responsible consumption habits and incorporate diving into public campaigns for environmental consciousness.

What we do for sustainability and conservation of our ocean

In order to ensure the sustainability and conservation of our ocean, we actively incorporate various measures into our daily life and events/courses.

In our daily life, we promote eco-friendly practices by using reusable cups for drinking and encouraging guests to refill their own water bottles with the water we provide. Additionally, all snacks served on our boat are plastic-free, and we have eliminated the use of paper forms to minimize waste.

For events and courses, we actively participate in initiatives such as Project Aware, which focuses on ocean conservation. We also organize Cleanup Dives on the first Saturday of every month, where we come together to clean up and preserve our underwater environment. Furthermore, we offer PADI Specialty Courses such as Coral Reef Conservation and Dive against Debris, which educate divers on the importance of protecting and preserving our marine ecosystems.

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