Our conservation approach


Why are we Oceanlovers?

Our name Oceanlovers is not just a name for us. We live it! Sustainability and nature awareness are important for us to conserve our beautiful ocean and everything what is living in it. As divers we do not only see the amazing underwater life, we also see the impact we humans have on nature. For example we can witness coral bleaching as a result of climate change or find trash even in the most remote places.

Due to our spirit of conservation and care for the environment we focus this approach on all our diving courses, from beginner up to professional level. But you will see this not only in the courses we teach, but also everywhere in our divecenter – on big events we organise or on small things where we can be sustainable in our daily life.

Our short and medium term goals are:

  • to position ourselves as a national reference in the care of the environment, and from a more visible position, to raise awareness and educate through diving and complementary activities.
  • to promote responsible consumption habits and to integrate diving into public environmental awareness campaigns.

What we do for sustainability and conservation of our ocean

in our daily life:

  • reusable cups for drinking
  • provide water for all guests to refill their own water bottles
  • all snacks on the boat are plasticfree
  • no paperforms

events/ courses:

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