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If you plan on spending a few days in Taganga and the surrounding area, then you may be looking for other things to do besides diving! Here at Ocean Lovers, we don’t work with any other businesses. This means we don’t get any commission when we recommend them, and we don’t pay any other company commission when they recommend us. Most of our staff have lived and worked in this area for years, so when we share our favorite places, it is because we genuinely like them. Below are a few of our favorite restaurants, hostels and activities in the area!


Dive and Dine

Bonsai, Taganga

A popular French owned cafe serving amazing homemade bread and healthy lunches.


Pachamama, Taganga

One of the best restaurants in town and right on Ocean Lovers doorstep serves pasta, steaks and other tasty meals in a nice cosy setting.


Pomodori, Taganga

Amazing pasta and pizza conveniently located right next for to the dive centre!


Babaganoush, Taganga

One of the best rated restaurants in Taganga, with a stunning view over the bay. Sample the delicious 3 course menu for only 40,000 cop.


Dive and Sleep

Casa Viajes, Minca

A relaxing hostel set on a coffee arm in the beautiful Sierra Nevade, perfect for a little resting time after diving!


Dive and Do

Adrenaline Addicts, Santa Marta

For those with a love of adventure, contact Adrenaline Addicts to hire a motorbike or go on one of their biking tours around the Caribbean coast!
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