Rescue course – E-learning ONLY


This e-learning course takes approx. 12 hours and will cover the complete knowledge development for the PADI Rescue Diver course. It includes PADI e-learning and 2 private, virtual classroom sessions with one of our amazing PADI instructors.



Age Requirement: 12 years or older

Time Commitment: Approximately 10-12 hours

Course Prerequisites: Adventure Diver/Junior Adventure Diver (or qualifying certification) with completed Underwater Navigation Dive; EFR Primary and Secondary Care training (or qualifying training) within 24 months

The PADI Rescue Diver course will test your ability to solve problems under pressure and give you all the tools to spot and deal with difficult situations before they actually occur. It’s probably the most challenging training many recreational divers will take. It builds on your existing skills, teaches you how to prevent and address problems. Intensive theory lessons and in-water rescue training will be fun and rewarding.

This e-learning course will cover the complete knowledge development parts and during your practical training sessions, it will be repeated and put into practice. So before you get into the water you will be learning in-depth theory for dive emergency situations in the comfort of your home.

How does it work?
The theory in the e-book consists of five written chapters and a knowledge review for each to answer. Before starting and completing the online training, we will schedule private online-meetings and one of our amazing PADI Instructors will meet you in our virtual classroom. Once you have finished the e-learning, and we will be able to travel again, you can schedule your further practical trainings dives. This can be done either with us here in Colombia or in any other PADI dive center in the world.

Why should I take this course?
We understand that your time off is rare and incredibly valuable to you. We want to help maximize your free time on your next vacation. eLearning is for anyone who would prefer not to spend time in the classroom on their holidays. This is also a great option to not only study at your own pace, but in your native language, as it’s available in many different languages.

Please remember: The course fee covers your online training (incl. 2 private, virtual classroom sessions), assessments and certification card. Practical training dives, dive equipment rental and logbook are available at additional fees via any PADI Dive Center. When completing the training with us at Ocean Lovers Taganga the fee of the e-learning course will be deducted from the PADI Rescue Diver certification course.



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